Moon, Stars, & Firelight (Song Review and Reflection)

I got to shout out to my boi, Aaron who is a singer and songwriter, and Worship Pastor at my church. Aaron and I have gone back many years now. When I was in dark times coming back to my faith and fighting for my marriage, Aaron was a staple of support for me. Aaron just put out a song on his Youtube channel, and it is good.

The song is called Moon, Stars, & Firelight. The lyrics of this song present a message of hope and comfort. Aaron has this passion for spreading the gospel shines through in his writing.

The idea that even when the sun sets and the darkness creeps in, we are not alone as long as we stay close to our loved ones and our faith in God is a central theme in the lyrics. The song acknowledges that life can be difficult, but encourages us to remember all the good things and treat each other with kindness and love.

As I mentioned, Aaron was there rooting me on when my marriage was looking bad and celebrated with me once my wife and I got back together. I had vowed to God to keep fighting for my marriage, and Arron has rooted me on and encouraged me since then. These lyrics “When life is hard to remember all the good. Treat each other the way you know you should. Take your time and love her like you said you would” This really strikes a chord with me.

Another particularly powerful line is “If God is on your side, don’t you worry what tomorrow hides.” This speaks to the idea that, regardless of what the future may hold, if we have faith in God and trust in His plan, we can face anything with peace and confidence. Matthew 6:34 says “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Trusting in God, doesn’t mean that troubles will magically go away, but with God, we know of a future to come and that helps us through the troubles.

The song also mentions a “girl” the singer knew before and how life has changed for them over time. Now, I’ve not asked Arron if this is about him and his wife, or if it is left to be vague, but I believe regardless this highlights the idea that even though life may take us in unexpected directions, the love and connection we share with others can endure and bring us comfort in the face of uncertainty. This also makes me think of our relationship with Jesus. We change so much. Sometimes it is good, and sometimes it is not so good, however, Jesus loves us all just the same. His love is unconditional.

Overall, I like this song. It’s a grounded and wholesome message of hope and encouragement, reminding us that even when life is hard, we can find comfort in our faith and the love of those around us. It made me feel like I’m sitting around a campfire, which is something that I know Aaron is passionate about. I’m excited to hear more from him, excited to hear this around the campfire, and excited to see what God is doing in my friend’s life! Go check out his song “Moon, Stars, & Firelight” and give him a like and subscribe!

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