His Legacy

So this song has been in and out of my head for a few weeks now.

There is tons of Christian music out there, and I’m not necessarily a fan of Casting Crowns, but this song has been making me think a lot. (Please don’t read to much into that. I don’t hate them, but there is so much music out there that I listen to a different style, and I’m not the biggest on K Love. Again, not bad, but not my tea)

It’s catchy for sure, and I may have been thinking about the purpose of the church, which has gotten me thinking, what is my purpose as a pastor, and such. Good thoughts for sure! The lyrics popping into my head on repeat are:

“And I, I don’t want to leave a legacy
I don’t care if they remember me
Only Jesus
And I, I’ve only got one life to live
I’ll let every second point to Him
Only Jesus”

Not to get into details, because the pastoral team I’m on have been doing some of the same thinking, so I don’t want to spoiler that, but as I ponder this question for myself, I ask that my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ reflect on this with me.

Are we trying to build an empire for ourselves, or are we directing people to the Kingdom?

Does my daily life reflect that of Jesus? Do my co-workers see this without me being all preachy? Do my students really feel I practice what I preach? Do my kids and wife see it behind closed doors and in private?

I want to say yes and vehemently hope that this points people to the hope of what Jesus can do. Before Him, I was foolish and a legacy I leave behind, without Him is just a man in his foolish ways.

Thoughts are running extra-strong tonight. Lord, thank you for this life!

*Originally my Facebook post from February 18th, 2018

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Only Jesus – Casting Crowns

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