The Tooth Will Set You Free: A Little Bit Of Wisdom

A little over a week ago, I went in for oral surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed. This was long overdue.  I was forewarned, that because I’m in my 30’s that recovery was going to be a little hard. They drilled that statement so many times, that I was starting to feel brittle and old.  Anyways, sometimes I’m a little stubborn when it comes to things like this and should have just down it a decade ago. There were no complications,  I went in on a Friday, got home, rested and ate a butt load on pudding and jello. Everything seemed to be fine. Saturday comes along and I was up, out and about doing things.

Sunday I went to church even though I had planned on being out, then went

and celebrated mother’s day by taking my wife out to eat Mexican and

throwing axes, as we had a kid-free weekend.

It was my intentions to get back to work Monday and continue on with life like normal.

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How an anarchic punk rock spirit led me to the Holy Spirit: How it still fights!

How an anarchic punk rock spirit led me to the Holy Spirit: How it still fights!

I’m like any other punk rock dude right now, I grew up, got married, had some kids and have found that the things I learned through punk rock music still continue to inform my thinking, and help me make sense of the world. I want to share this with my kids, my friends, and my family what I have learned from both my faith and punk ethics daily. The two of these intertwined have assisted in helping me come to several conclusions about my spirituality that are presumably far outside of the norm of contemporary Christian culture.

This probably isn’t all too surprising, but what may be, is that I am convinced that the combination of these ideas informing my head, heart and hands has led me back to the heart of Scripture. I mean, the way of Jesus is pretty punk rock! Several punk bands, now and then, have several points worth reflecting on if you are a follower of Jesus Christ in the Western world.

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Atheist to Jesus: My “Born Again” Story

This is a new blog, and I’m in the process of rediscovering myself, Easter is around the corner and it always makes me remember my “Born Again” story, (My Christian walk started on Easter, when I was 15 years old) so it is fitting that I start this journey with you with this post.

It’s a necessity to give you a quick recap of my life before I was a follower of Christ for you to understand the power of this story. I’ll go in more details in other blog posts, but for this one, that background is needed.

I did not grow up in a Christian household, but was familiar with it. From time to time my dad will feel guilty in life and try to get squared off with God, before going right back to his ways. God’s timing is funny sometimes as he always put someone in his path. For a few years it was a man named Larry that did house visit bible studies weekly for two years. My dad grew up in a church environment, and did the bible studies and talking the talk…at times. Behind closed doors he used scripture incorrectly and out of context to control people and do whatever he wants (wife submit, children obey, I can be forgiven of my sins) An abusive father preaching about God is not appealing. I grew to hate him and God. (NOTE: To this day I have forgiven my father, and love him. We do not have a relationship, but I do not wish anything ill towards him and still pray for him)

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