White Line’s in the Middle of the Road

I was having lunch with a friend a while back and we got to talking about what God is doing in the world as of late. How God is and has been doing revivals right in our backyard. All we have to do is choose to see God working. I ended up mentioning to him a recent Matt Walsh video where he says that he is not playing the fence and chooses to fight evil instead of tucking his tail between his legs and giving in, just to make the other side happy. That made me reflect on a quote from a favorite movie of mine, John Carpenter’s They Live.

They Live is a thought-provoking commentary on the ways in which society can be manipulated and controlled. In the film, the main character John Nada (who is played by Roddy Piper) discovers a pair of special sunglasses that allow him to see the world as it really is – a world where subliminal messages and hidden agendas are everywhere.

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